Even a Peanut Aspires & George Washington Carver

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2 Responses

  1. Ron Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing and educating me (hopefully “us all”) about George Washington Carver. And thanks for taking the step to rename the shake the “George Washington Carver” shake A small step, perhaps, but a positive one. As you mention, no disrespect to Jimmy Carter. His work as president and humanitarian are not diminished by the renaming. But perhaps more people now will be aware of Dr. Carver and the amazing work and research he did in spite of all the barriers in his way that he had to overcome. On top of it all, he remained a humble man. Certainly a model to aspire to. The History Channel show you linked to was definitely worth the watch. Thanks.

  2. Greg Wadlinger says:

    I’m glad to read this post and am a fan of George Washington Carver, Boloco, and how its management has seen a need to respond despite what could easily be described as the all consuming economic challenges of the day.

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