We’re All Columnists, Jim

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5 Responses

  1. William Pierce says:

    Hurray! Nice to see Kenyon dresses down as he should be

    • John Pepper says:

      Thank you… the intent wasn’t to dress anyone down, but the rational response seemed to require some of that as a byproduct. Thx!

  2. David Goldberg says:

    Nice to read a well written, factual article. One comment on the physical layout: I find the light grey text on white background a little tough to read. Not impossible by any means, but a little hard on my aging eyes.

    • John Pepper says:

      Thanks David. Good feedback on the text… I just picked up my first pair of “readers” so I have a sense of what people are talking about. I am looking at refreshing my simple site and will keep this in mind. John

  3. Emily says:

    Always a pleasure to read, John!

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